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Radio Interview With Current LCSNA President on Carroll’s Birthday

Audio fans!  This just in: “Life Elsewhere, a radio show from Tampa, FL, interviewed our current president, Mark Burstein, on Carroll’s birthday, January 27. The host, Norman B, was a bit obsessed with the usual canards about Carroll’s alleged fondness for young girls and drug use, which Mark defended to the best of his ability in a… [read full post]


Free One-Hour Audio Adaptation of Alice in Wonderland

One of our mimsy minions reports the release of a new (and free) 60-minute audio adaptation of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by a Canadian collective known as Voices in the Wind.  After a quick listen to parts, I can tell you that the adaptation is quite loose (and Alice does not have a British accent).  There… [read full post]


Alice in Wonderland Mural Discovered at San Diego State University

A lost mural of Alice in Wonderland and the archaeologist determined to bring it to light were the subjects of an interesting tale told by San Diego public radio station, KPBS, yesterday. Seth Mallios, head of the anthropology department at SDSU, had been hunting down murals, once common all over campus, when he heard about… [read full post]


Lynne Truss on Lewis Carroll on BBC Radio 4

Lynne Truss

Lynne Truss, author of the best-selling grammar-romp Eats, Shoots and Leaves, recently appeared on the BBC Radio 4 program “Great Lives” to discuss her fascination with Lewis Carroll. You can listen to the half-hour program at leisure on the BBC iPlayer. Interviewed by British author Matthew Parris, Truss discusses her life-long fondness for Lewis Carroll… [read full post]


Portmanteaus on This American Life

Lewis Carroll was not mentioned by name, nor was the word ‘portmanteau’ ever dropped, but Humpty Dumpty’s spirit lurked around the September 13th, 2009, episode of This American Life (#389 Frenemies). Starting at 29:45 in the episode, Ira Glass interviews lexicographer Erin McKean, whom he had asked to research the word ‘frenemy’. She found the… [read full post]


Radio Alice

BBC Radio 7’s dramatization of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, performed by Sarah Jane Holm and Roy Hudd, will take place (part 1) Thursday, April 9 at 10 a.m./3.00 p.m./3.00 a.m. (Friday) GMT, and (part 2) Friday, April 10 at 10 a.m./3.00 p.m./3.00 a.m. (Saturday) GMT .