Alice in Cartoonland THIS FRIDAY

Brian Sibley, president of the LCS(UK) and a most entertaining speaker, explores the comic universe of Carrollian cartoons, chronicling their history from the original illustrations for Alice’s Adventures Under Ground to the work of his modern-day counterparts in the worlds of comic books, animation, and video games.

The meeting will be via Zoom this Friday, September 8, from 6 to 8 pm in London, i.e., 10 am to noon Pacific Time, 1 to 3 pm Eastern Time. Details:

Meeting Link
Meeting ID: 895 4136 5946
Passcode: 255425

(Although we normally do not use this blog to publicize online presentations by the LCS[UK], as many of you know, Facebook, relying on AI in its infinite wisdom, has taken our site down over two weeks ago for the crime of “impersonating Lewis Carroll.” We’ve filed a complaint, but good grief!)