Alice Through The Looking-Glass Movie Screening


Join your fellow LCSNA members and friends for a Zoom viewing party, as we watch the under-appreciated 1998 British Channel 4 TV movie of Alice Through the Looking-Glass, starring Kate Beckinsale. You be the judge, as we explore the burning questions: Can an adult successfully play Alice? Why do her dress and hairstyle keep changing?... [read full post]

LCSNA Fall 2022 Meeting

George A. Smathers Libraries University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

We look forward to SEEING and, perhaps, HUGGING you at the LCSNA meeting held at the George A Smathers Libraries, University of Florida, in Gainesville. While there are no registration costs to you and the meeting is free and open to the public, we ask that you register by Oct 26th to help us prepare for your... [read full post]