Book Club and Others

LCSNA Meeting Presentations and Recordings


Matt Demakos, Cut—Proof—Print: From Tenniel’s Hands to Carroll’s Eyes, May 2021
Andy Malcolm and Dayna Nuhn, Dayna Nuhn in conversation with Andy Malcolm, Sincerely Yours, February 2021
Andy Malcolm, George Pastik, Sincerely Yours, 2004, February 2021

The LCSNA holds monthly programs such as book clubs, interviews, and other gatherings. Enjoy the recordings if you were not able to attend!


2020 Events

Presenter Title Length
Edward Guiliano Book Club - Lewis Carroll: The Worlds of His Alices 1:05
Charlie Lovett Book Club - The Pamphlets of Lewis Carroll, Volume 6 & Other Works 50:36
Heather Simmons and Nine Carrollians Collections - Carrollian Show and Tell: The Best Alice Gift I’ve Ever Gotten 60:11

2021 Events

Presenter Title Length
Members & Guests Gathering - Looking-Glass Cocktail Party
Andy Malcolm, George Pastik Movie - Sincerely Yours, 2004 00:24 min
Andy Malcolm and Dayna Nuhn Interview - Dayna Nuhn in conversation with Andy Malcolm, Sincerely Yours 00:45 min