The Knight Letter

Knight Letter No. 107

The Knight Letter (ISSN 0193-886X) is the members-only journal of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America, and comes with your annual membership. All members receive a digital edition copiously illustrated with photographs and artwork (after all, what is the use of a journal without pictures or conversations ). Members who desire a printed edition on high-quality paper pay an additional premium.

There have been over a hundred issues to date. Recent issues contain approximately 72 pages and are divided into the following sections:

The Rectory Umbrella: Informative, entertaining, and/or scholarly in-depth articles 

MischMasch: Editorials, letters, and other features like:    

  • Serendipity (references to Carroll in popular culture, literature, and so on)
  • Of Books and Things (reviews of books, films, performances and more)
  • Carrollian Notes (shorter articles)
  • All Must Have Prizes (about Alice collectibles)
  • Sic, Sic, Sic (hilarious Carroll-related misquotes in the media), and
  • From Our Far-Flung Correspondents (a handy listing of all things Carrollian: new books, articles, new cyberspace sites, conferences and lectures, exhibitions, performances, auctions, the media, and new things to buy)

To contact the LCSNA regarding our Knight Letter journal contact: 

Mark Burstein
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Editor, Far-Flung Correspondents (for submissions of news about Carroll-related books, exhibits, artworks, performances, web sites, auctions, media references, and new collectibles to appear in the Knight Letter)
Mark Burstein
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Please Note: We recommend submitting soft copy submissions via e-mail as we cannot guarantee return of hard copy submissions. The decision to publish or not publish any submission rests solely with the Editors.

Internet Archive

Older editions of the Knight Letter are available through the Internet Archive. The three most recent issues are available to Members Only.