At Long Last, Alice in a World of Wonderlands, The Sequel!

Alice in a World of Wonderlands: the English-Language Editions of the Four Alice Books Published Worldwide is now available in both the standard print edition and e-book versions!

This new two-volume set was edited by Jon A. Lindseth (who in 2015 edited the companion Alice in a World of Wonderlands: the Translations of Lewis Carroll’s Masterpiece) and Arnold Hirshon (the current President of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America).

Volume One (535 pages) explores Alice’s world through eleven essays written by major scholars and collectors from around the world. The volume covers (1) the publishing and textual history of the books, (2) the history of illustrated editions created by thousands of artist (including a detailed analysis that includes over 550 images, most in color) and (3) personal histories of contributors as to how and why they became interested in the study of works by Lewis Carroll.

Volume Two (463 pages) contains extensive checklist entries of 4,400 different editions of the four books published in English, and a statistical analysis and indexes of both the publisher and illustration histories.

The print edition for Volume One is $102.99 (ISBN 9781626132528) and for Volume Two is $42.99 (ISBN 9781626132580). Both volumes and e-book versions are available from Amazon and from Barnes and Noble. E-book versions for the two volumes are also available from Apple, Smashwords, and Google Play (coming soon). E-book Volume One costs $29.99, and E-book Volume Two is $15.99.

There is a Deluxe Edition that is limited and numbered with only 100 2-volume sets produced. Further information about all of the editions, and purchasing information for the Deluxe Edition, is available at ATBOSH Media.