LCSNA Meeting Presentations and Recordings


Members & Guests, Looking-Glass Cocktail Party, January 2021
Heather Simmons and Nine Carrollians, Carrollian Show and Tell: The Best Alice Gift I’ve Ever Gotten, December 2020
Charlie Lovett, The Pamphlets of Lewis Carroll, Volume 6 & Other Works, November 2020

The LCSNA is recording and providing access to many of their meetings. They are categorized into:

The LCSNA YouTube Media Channel is one place to view many of our of the recordings.

Recent Meeting


LCSNA 2020 Fall Meeting


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Click for a playlist of the nine meeting videos.

Presenter Title Time
Linda Cassady Opening Remarks 9:11
Michael Hancher Revising The Tenniel Illustrations to the ‘Alice’ Books (1985, 2019)   [PDF] 51:13
Arnold Hirshon Beyond Tenniel: Trailblazing Illustrators of Alice   [PDF] 26:25
Amanda Koziura Adaptations of Alice, Creating a digital exhibit using Scalar 17:58
Ben Gorham Applying Global Information Systems to Reveal the Publication History and Interconnectedness of Alice. 24:25
Jared Bendis Using Alice’s Words for Web Poetry and Prose Creation & Creating New Tenniel Printing Blocks Using Laser Cuts 19:34
August Imholtz The History of the Appleton Edition of Alice   [PDF] 14:59
Edward Guliano Lewis Carroll: A Poet First   [PDF] 37:06
Matt Demakos The Blip: The Engraver’s Role in Tenniel’s Process 34:42