LCSNA Meeting Presentations and Recordings


Andy Malcolm and Dayna Nuhn, Dayna Nuhn in conversation with Andy Malcolm, Sincerely Yours, February 2021
Andy Malcolm, George Pastik, Sincerely Yours, 2004, February 2021

The LCSNA is recording and providing access to many of their meetings. They are categorized into:

The LCSNA YouTube Media Channel is one place to view many of our of the recordings.

Recent Meeting


LCSNA 2020 Fall Meeting


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Click for a playlist of the nine meeting videos.

Presenter Title Time
Linda Cassady Opening Remarks 9:11
Michael Hancher Revising The Tenniel Illustrations to the ‘Alice’ Books (1985, 2019)   [PDF] 51:13
Arnold Hirshon Beyond Tenniel: Trailblazing Illustrators of Alice   [PDF] 26:25
Amanda Koziura Adaptations of Alice, Creating a digital exhibit using Scalar 17:58
Ben Gorham Applying Global Information Systems to Reveal the Publication History and Interconnectedness of Alice. 24:25
Jared Bendis Using Alice’s Words for Web Poetry and Prose Creation & Creating New Tenniel Printing Blocks Using Laser Cuts 19:34
August Imholtz The History of the Appleton Edition of Alice   [PDF] 14:59
Edward Guliano Lewis Carroll: A Poet First   [PDF] 37:06
Matt Demakos The Blip: The Engraver’s Role in Tenniel’s Process 34:42