Carrollian Show and Tell: The Best Alice Gift I’ve Ever Gotten

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Presenter: Heather Simmons and Nine Carrollians

Presenters: Jenna West, Christopher Morgan, Daniel Singer, Linda Gray-Moin, Valina Eckley, Jackie Lee, Mark Burstein, Heather Simmons, Kevin Segall

NOTE: Jackie Lee demonstrated a great VR based piece on Carroll’s work in logic. He used two screens in the presentation, only one of which was captured by the Zoom recording. We watched it! He is playing a fascinating story and game…which you don’t see in the YouTube video. 

The theme of our December virtual event is The Best Alice Gift I’ve Ever Gotten, and we need your help! We are looking for volunteers to take part in this Zoom presentation and speak briefly about their most treasured Carrollian item. Do you have a favorite piece of memorabilia you would like to share with your fellow LCSNA members and friends? It could be a priceless collectible, or handmade arts and crafts. It could be gifted from someone else, or a gift you bought yourself. It could be Alice-oriented, Snarky or even Sylvie and Bruno-riffic! You get the idea; there’s no rules! (Except for a strictly-enforced time limit that will depend on the number of volunteers. Long-winded guinea pigs will be unceremoniously suppressed by the Host’s Zoom Mute button.)


Length: 60:11