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Carrollian Show and Tell: The Best Alice Gift I’ve Ever Gotten

Presenters: Jenna West, Christopher Morgan, Daniel Singer, Linda Gray-Moin, Valina Eckley, Jackie Lee, Mark Burstein, Heather Simmons, Kevin Segall NOTE: Jackie Lee demonstrated a great VR based piece on Carroll’s work in logic. He used two screens in the presentation, only one of which was captured by the Zoom recording. We watched it! He is… [read full post]


The Pamphlets of Lewis Carroll, Volume 6 & Other Works

The Pamphlets of Lewis Carroll, Volume 6: A Miscellany of Works on Alice, Theater, Religion, Science, and More. Published by the Lewis Carroll Society of North America/University Press of Virginia, 2021 Volume 6 is divided into: Theater; Religion and Morality; Science and Mathematics; The Alice Books; Circular Letters; Photography; Letters and Postage; Humor; Stories; Undergraduate Papers;… [read full post]