Dayna Nuhn in conversation with Andy Malcolm, Sincerely Yours

- Interview

Presenter: Andy Malcolm and Dayna Nuhn

Movie Matinee & Conversation: Sincerely Yours. A Film about Lewis Carroll by Andy Malcolm and George Pastic

It’s a Carrollian movie night you won’t see anywhere else! Andy Malcolm presented his exceptional 2004 short film Sincerely Yours. He discussed this labor of love and the painstaking process of recreating Lewis Carroll’s world. Dayna Nuhn, Andy’s friend and longtime LCSNA member, led the interview.

Sincerely Yours, produced by award-winning filmmakers George Pastic and Andy Malcolm is an intimate portrayal of Lewis Carroll, photographer and author of enduring children’s classics. Sincerely Yours explore the Victorian world in which he lived, long before the publication of the Alice books that made him famous. Carroll’s camera, photographic albums and diaries were faithfully reconstructed to create the delightful afternoon when he photographed the real Alice and her two sisters in the deanery garden.

Sincerely Yours invites you to step through the looking glass to experience the extrairdubart world of Lewis Carroll.

Andy and Dayna discussed the making of the film.

Sincerely Yours, 2004 (movie by permission of Andy Malcolm)


Length: 00:45 min