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The Quality of Mercedes Is Not Strained

To demonstrate the new “intelligent voice control” feature of the 2020 Mercedes Benz GLE, their television commercial “Wonderland” begins with an English-accented young lady reading, “‘Curiouser and curiouser,’ said Alice,” then shows a white rabbit in the snow as the car goes into a tunnel (“The rabbit-hole went straight on like a tunnel for some… [read full post]


The Art of Bewigged Wasps

Larissa Averbug is a Brazilian graphic designer and researcher in children’s literature, carrying out her PhD at PUC-Rio, Brazil, in the Arts & Design Department, and has been studying Lewis Carroll and Alice since her master’s degree in 2011. She is presently a visiting PhD researcher at Queen Mary University of London, under the supervision… [read full post]


A BBC Snark

On January 2 at 9:15 pm (Greenwich Mean Time) BBC Radio 4 Extra rebroadcasted a 45-minute adaptation of “The Hunting of the Snark,” directed by Charlotte Riches, narrated by actor Tony Richardson, and with music and songs composed by Katie Chatburn. First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in December 2015, it is available for online… [read full post]