The Art of Bewigged Wasps

Larissa Averbug is a Brazilian graphic designer and researcher in children’s literature, carrying out her PhD at PUC-Rio, Brazil, in the Arts & Design Department, and has been studying Lewis Carroll and Alice since her master’s degree in 2011. She is presently a visiting PhD researcher at Queen Mary University of London, under the supervision of Professor Kiera Vaclavik.

“The Wasp in a Wig Challenge” is part of her PhD research, entitled “The Multiple Faces of Alice: An Irreversible Creative Dynamic. “The intent is to investigate, in practice, the creative thinking of contemporary visual artists from distinct media through a ludic experiment. This creative exercise with the artists takes place as a sort of a game and should embrace interactions among the most engaged artists. The idea is proposing the following challenge: to produce an image, in any media, of the Wasp in a Wig, from the ‘lost’ episode from Through the Looking-Glass. This challenge is now being materialized through mailing letters with an invitation. Depending on the circumstances, this creative exercise could result in an exhibition and a book for collectors.”

If you would be interested in participating, contact Larissa at, and she will send you a formal invitation in the mail.

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