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Alice Books Translated into Hawaiian With Localized References

Here’s another tidbit from a mimsy minion: The Alice books have been translated into Hawaiian by a University of Hawaii professor in honor of the upcoming 150th anniversary of the publication of Wonderland, which is in 2015 as you likely know.  He notes that as in other foreign language translations of the book, he had to… [read full post]


A New Hungarian Alice from Evertype

For those of you who have missed prior posts on this topic, prolific translation publisher Michael Everson is a devoted Carrollian, and is dedicated to publishing as many translations of the Alice books as humanly possible.  The latest is a new version of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in Hungarian, translated by Anikó Szilágyi.  To read more about the new… [read full post]


Alice in Hawaiian and six more languages besides

The United Nations

It has been some time since we mentioned the stream of new translations flowing from the fount of Evertype Publishing, but that is not because that stream has abated. Six first-time translations and a new Esperanto edition have been published since the start of this year alone. This brings to eighteen the titles in Evertype’s… [read full post]


Alice’s Adventures in Carroll’s own Square Alphabet

Imagine this… You are tucked up in bed and have a brilliant idea that must be written down. It’s dark, it’s late, and bedside lights have not been invented yet. What do you do? If you are Lewis Carroll you invent an entirely new system of writing – a card template of square holes, and… [read full post]


Alice in Sunderland

When I first saw this article about Alice in Sunderland, I thought it might be a forgotten manuscript republished by Michael Everson of Evertype, who has recently released such lost gems as “Clara in Blunderland: A political parody based on Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland” and “Lost in Blunderland: The further adventures of Clara: A political parody… [read full post]


New Adventures of Alice and the Westminster Alice published by Evertype

Illustration by Francis Carruthers Gould from “The Westminster Alice”

Two more curiosities from the generous house of Evertype Publishers: The Westminster Alice, by Hector Hugh Munro (Saki), and illustrated by Francis Carruthers Gould, New Edition 2010. These political parody vignettes were first brought together in 1903 in the Westminster Popular, and then published again with forward and footnotes in 1927. This edition provides additional… [read full post]


New Edition of Anturiaethau Alys yng Ngwlad Hud

Evertype has announced the publication of a new edition of Selyf Roberts’ 1982 Welsh translation of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Anturiaethau Alys yng Ngwlad Hud is newly typeset and contains Tenniel’s illustrations. It is available from for $15.95. “Y ffordd acw,” ebe’r Gath gan chwifio’i phawen dde, “mae ’na Hetiwr yn byw; a’r ffordd acw,” gan… [read full post]


Alice in Fiscal Wonderland and Alice in Manx, but not at the same time

John Bull’s Adventures in Fiscal Wonderland, a new edition from Evertype

Last month saw two new publications from Evertype, veritable fount of Alice parodies, translations, and rare reprints. (See the complete catalog here.) John Bull’s Adventures in Fiscal Wonderland, by Charles Geake and Francis Carruthers Gould is a parody of late 19th century British economic politics, originally published in 1904. Publisher Michael Everson reassures readers that no specialist… [read full post]


And now, a few more strange new books: Two Boer War romps and one odd book with just words of one syl-la-ble.

Michael Everson released six Carroll books in 2009 from his publishing company Evertype, starting with the Irish AAIW, Eachtraí Eilíse, and continues now with more new unique oddities. All this exciting activity is causing Mark Burstein to wax Borgesian about La biblioteca de Babel: Borges and others have spoken of a universal library; for our… [read full post]


Evertype re-publishes the first German translation, Alice’s Abenteuer im Wunderland

Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass are, I understand, to be published for the first time in German. When I first learned this important fact, it surprised me for a moment, for I had thought that both these classics had by this time passed into all civilized tongues; but after some little reflection, I… [read full post]