New Adventures of Alice and the Westminster Alice published by Evertype

Illustration by Francis Carruthers Gould from “The Westminster Alice”

Illustration by Francis Carruthers Gould from "The Westminster Alice"

Two more curiosities from the generous house of Evertype Publishers:

The Westminster Alice, by Hector Hugh Munro (Saki), and illustrated by Francis Carruthers Gould, New Edition 2010.
These political parody vignettes were first brought together in 1903 in the Westminster Popular, and then published again with forward and footnotes in 1927. This edition provides additional historical background and photographs of the Victorians lampooned., $12.95

New Adventures of Alice, by John Rae, New Edition 2010.
John Rae, author, illustrator and portraitist from New Jersey, really wished that Lewis Carroll had written a sequel to Through the Looking-Glass, so he wrote and illustrated one himself. Published first in 1917, these new adventures see Alice visit a number of Mother Goose characters., $21.95