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Errol Morris & Errol Morris write two different essays with identical words on New York Times blog

I wasn’t expecting postmodern philosophy when I opened the New York Times Opinionator blog this week, but there was filmmaker Errol Morris rambling on about truth, relativity, Jorge Luis Borges and Humpty Dumpty. It appears to be the fourth of a five-part series called “The Ashtray,” no doubt what he was staring into when he… [read full post]


And now, a few more strange new books: Two Boer War romps and one odd book with just words of one syl-la-ble.

Michael Everson released six Carroll books in 2009 from his publishing company Evertype, starting with the Irish AAIW, Eachtraí Eilíse, and continues now with more new unique oddities. All this exciting activity is causing Mark Burstein to wax Borgesian about La biblioteca de Babel: Borges and others have spoken of a universal library; for our… [read full post]


S&B Bib

Also known as, “AN ANNOTATED INTERNATIONAL BIBLIOGRAPHY OF LEWIS CARROLL’S SYLVIE AND BRUNO BOOKS” by Byron Sewell and Clare Imholtz. New Castle and London: Oak Knoll Press and the British Library, 2008. 4to, cloth. 274 pages. Now available is this comprehensive bibliography of over 1,000 entries listing all known editions of Lewis Carroll’s Sylvie &… [read full post]