G.A.H.! (Gardner’s Annotations Hyperlinked) – As large as life, and twice as natural

In Chapter VII of Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, the Unicorn looks at Alice “with an air of the deepest disgust” and asks, “What – is – this?”… [read full post]


G.A.H.! (Gardner’s Annotations Hyperlinked) – The Dormouse and Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Wombat

The Dormouse in Chapter VII of The Annotated Alice (pgs. 93-95) gets the following footnote from Martin Gardner: The British dormouse is a tree-living rodent that resembles a small squirrel… [read full post]


G.A.H.! (Gardner’s Annotations Hyperlinked) – The Ugly Duchess

When we first meet the Duchess in Chapter VI of The Annotated Alice, Martin Gardner’s footnote (on page 82) is this: A glance at the portrait of the Ugly Duchess,… [read full post]


New LCSNA Martin Gardner Tribute Book Just Released!

Callooh!  Callay!!  We are delighted to announce that the LCSNA has just published a frabjous new book paying tribute to the late, great Martin Gardner–columnist, philosopher, polymath, magician, religious thinker, and author… [read full post]


LCSNA Spring 2022 Virtual Meeting

The final LCSNA 2022 Spring Meeting agenda and program updates, links to Wonderland Award, other instructions, and support information will be updated here.

The meeting is free and open to the public. However, to ensure there are virtual seats for the event we ask that you register.


The Hunting of the Snark (Kaufmann edition)

James Tanis and John Dooley, Editors
Illustrations by Henry Holiday
Annotated by Martin Gardner.

ISBN 10: 091323236X / ISBN 13: 9780913232361

Publisher: William Kaufmann, in cooperation with Bryn Mawr College Library
Other Contributors: Roderick Stinehour (designer), James Tanis (preface), John Dooley, Martin Gardner (introduction), Charles
Mitchell (essay), Selwyn H. Goodacre (bibliography)
Place of Publication: Los Altos, CA; printed by The Stinehour Press, Lunenburg, VT
Date of Publication: 1981


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