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G.A.H.! (Gardner’s Annotations Hyperlinked) – The Dormouse and Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Wombat

The Dormouse in Chapter VII of The Annotated Alice (pgs. 93-95) gets the following footnote from Martin Gardner: The British dormouse is a tree-living rodent that resembles a small squirrel much more than it does a mouse. The name is from the Latin dormire, to sleep, and has reference to the animal’s habit of winter hibernation…. [read full post]


Pre-Raphaelite Society invites monographs for essay prize

Alice Liddell by Charles Dodgson

The Pre-Raphaelite Society in the United Kingdom is calling for entries to the John Pickard Essay Prize. Last year’s winner was Anne Anderson, for her essay “The Pre-Raphaelite Lovejoy: Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Charles Augustus Howell, the eponymous ‘dodgy dealer.’” You are invited to enter a monograph of not more than 2000 words for The… [read full post]


Dodgson photos in Italy

The exhibit “I Rossetti tra Vasto e Londra” (“The Rossettis between Vasto and London”) includes photographs of the Rossetti family (the Pre-Raphaelite painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti, poet Christina Rossetti, and their siblings, the critic William Michael Rossetti and author Maria Francesca Rossetti) taken by their close friend Charles Dodgson. The exhibit is at the Musei… [read full post]