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Carroll & Coleridge in the Year 2111

We posted an excerpt from Adam Feldman’s excellent Jabberwockyesque panning of Broadway’s Wonderland a few weeks ago. This week, it’s Coleridge being echoed to criticize a new production called The Trial of the Mariner at Hoxton Hall in London: It is The Trial of the Mariner, And it occurs at Hoxton Hall, A curious tale, told… [read full post]


Lewis Carroll articles in the Journal of the Arthur Rackham Society

Arthur Rackham illustrated Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in 1907. Our friends over at the Arthur Rackham Society have a few articles about Carroll in the April 2011 issue, No. 45, of the Journal of the Arthur Rackham Society (JARS.) 1)      “Rackham’s Mice and a Few Rats – Part 5” by Dorothy Gibbs,  pp. 6-8. Covers Rackham’s… [read full post]


Lynne Truss on Lewis Carroll on BBC Radio 4

Lynne Truss

Lynne Truss, author of the best-selling grammar-romp Eats, Shoots and Leaves, recently appeared on the BBC Radio 4 program “Great Lives” to discuss her fascination with Lewis Carroll. You can listen to the half-hour program at leisure on the BBC iPlayer. Interviewed by British author Matthew Parris, Truss discusses her life-long fondness for Lewis Carroll… [read full post]


Watch the LCSNA Spring 2011 Meeting online

The Internet Archive, San Francisco

All the thrills of the LCSNA Spring 2011 Meeting in the privacy of your own home! Thanks to our host Brewster Kahle and the magnificent Internet Archive, last month’s San Francisco/Petaluma meeting is now available online. If you missed the event, or would like to relive the highlights, you can download any or all of the meeting segments here…. [read full post]


David del Tredici’s Final Alice at Pittsburgh Symphony

If you’re in Pittsburgh this weekend, the symphony will perform Final Alice (1972) by David Del Tredici, the Pulizer-winning American composer who spent much of his earlier career being inspired by Carroll’s writings. Final Alice is “an opera in concert form for soprano, folk ensemble, and orchestra.” Leonard Slatkin conducts and Hila Pitmann sings the Soprano Alice… [read full post]


Happy Birthday Alice

Happy Birthday Alice! – 159 years an inspiration on this earth or under it today. LCSNA member Bob Mitchell has sent us this birthday musing: Let me ask the two of you a curious question: Lewis Carroll was born in 1832 and Alice was born in 1852. Since 1842 is exactly half way between those two… [read full post]


Alice in a Gas Mask Toy created by Linkin Park’s rapper

Disney and MINDstyle are collaborating on a toy collection this Spring called the Mad Hatter Project, in celebration of the 60th Anniversary of their 1951 Alice in Wonderland movie. There will be toys designed by artists Gary Baseman, Ron English and Mike Shinoda. The latter, who is the rapper and songwriter for the rock band… [read full post]