Lewis Carroll articles in the Journal of the Arthur Rackham Society

The Mad Tea Party, from Arthur Rackham's 1907 illustrations for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Arthur Rackham illustrated Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in 1907. Our friends over at the Arthur Rackham Society have a few articles about Carroll in the April 2011 issue, No. 45, of the Journal of the Arthur Rackham Society (JARS.)

1)      “Rackham’s Mice and a Few Rats – Part 5” by Dorothy Gibbs,  pp. 6-8. Covers Rackham’s Pool of Tears, Caucus Race and Trial Scene.

2)      “Illustrators of Alice” by Chris Tomaszewski, pp. 18-25, reprinted from the Jan. 2008 Newsletter of Stella and Rose’s Books; 23 illustrations.

I believe you have to be a member of the society to get the Journal, and membership is $20 a year for Americans.