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Marionettes for ‘La Guida di Bragia’ featured in Art Doll Quarterly

Lewis Carroll came from a large family, and got his start in children’s entertainment and storytelling by writing for and staging plays with his siblings. One surviving example is the puppet play La Guida di Bragia, dating from the early 1850’s. The LCSNA published the text in 2007 with illustrations by Jonathan Dixon – available here… [read full post]


Carroll & Coleridge in the Year 2111

We posted an excerpt from Adam Feldman’s excellent Jabberwockyesque panning of Broadway’s Wonderland a few weeks ago. This week, it’s Coleridge being echoed to criticize a new production called The Trial of the Mariner at Hoxton Hall in London: It is The Trial of the Mariner, And it occurs at Hoxton Hall, A curious tale, told… [read full post]