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Alice in Marinland

The Pacific Sun is the alternative paper in Marin County, California. Their Best of Marin 2010 awards and their March 26th issue are fully Alice themed this year. Mark Burstein (who can see Marin County from his house) adds this endorsement: “The background articles are actually well-researched, unusual in this day and age.” The entire… [read full post]


Contrariwise’s Rejecting Apology; or, Did Lewis Carroll burn his secret collection of Lolicon manga?

Our post on the controversies and pseudo-controversies surrounding Carroll’s character generated some small discussion (“teach the controversy”, as the Kansas School Board might advocate). The folks at Contrariwise continued with a longer reaction. I quote Ms. Karoline Leach at length: […] we send our sincere thanks to the LCSNA bloggers for so generously giving us the… [read full post]


Good News for Alice and Oleg

And the winner of the 2009 Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award is… Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland By Lewis Carroll Illustrated by Oleg Lipchenko ISBN 978-0-88776932-0 Horray for Oleg! “…Oleg Lipchenko has turned this classic story into a rich expression for both the youngest reader greeting Alice for the first time and those who remember reading the original… [read full post]


Tea Party gone mad

Drew Friedman’s illustration in The Nation

It seemed inescapable that at some point someone would compare the Tea Party movement to Lewis Carroll’s famous tea party. Richard Kim’s article “The Mad Tea Party”, which will appear in the April 12th version of The Nation, never needs to mention Carroll or Alice, but it gave illustrator Drew Friedman cause for the inevitable… [read full post]


For Sale: Collages and Charms

"A Mad Tea Party" by Kenneth Rougeau
“A Mad Tea Party” by Kenneth Rougeau

Is it the surreal and episodic nature of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland that inspires so many collage-style artistic responses, or is it just what good twenty-first century artists do? Handmade “vintage” jewelry, steampunk fashion, photo collage: it’s all very po-mo, isn’t it? However, as the following demonstrates, the results can be pretty cool. Kenneth Rougeau has created eighteen illustrations for Alice’s… [read full post]


Special Report: Was Lewis Carroll a gay Mormon and were the Alice books written by J.D. Salinger?

This blog doesn’t regularly deal with certain questions (italics mine, as was the rest of that sentence.) And the new’s FAQs don’t go there. Contrariwise, Mark Burstein usually starts his question-and-answer sessions with: “The answers to the first two questions are ‘No, he wasn’t’ and ‘No, he didn’t.’” The LCSNA doesn’t shy away from… [read full post]


All of Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” in one tattoo

Tattoo by Holly Azzara

So… how much do you really love Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland”? Enough to get the entire movie tattooed on your body? Alice-themed tattoos are fairly common but few individuals have taken it as far as this client of Medway, MA tattoo artist Holly Azzara. Not content with a playing card or two, she wanted it all,… [read full post]


This Thursday: Auction of Princess Alice’s “Alice”

Inscription reads: “Presented to H.R.H. the Princess Alice by the Author, Mar. 25, 1890.”

Last week we blogged about an upcoming auction with an interesting lot: ceramic plaques, hand painted by Sir John Tenniel with characters from Alice’s adventures, used as menu cards at Tenniel family dinners. We have just heard that the same auction contains another interesting item: a presentation copy of The Nursery Alice inscribed by Carroll for… [read full post]


Twitter Interview with Stickfiguratively Speaking creator Jamison Odone

Your Far-Flung bloggers used Twitter to conduct an interview with Jamison Odone, who illustrated and retold Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with his stylish stick figure art. (Stickfiguratively Speaking is available for $14.95 from Publishing Works.) We reckoned that text messages to discuss Stick Figures vs. 3D was appropriately 2010. The full interview follows (I’ve tried… [read full post]


Disney’s 1957 Mock Turtle

This cartoon cel of Disney’s Mock Turtle is from LCSNA member Matt Crandall’s collection (featured in an interesting article on the “official” Disney fan site, D23.) Although the Mock Turtle is an important character in the book, he didn’t make it into either the 1951 or 2010 Disney movie. This frame is from a Disney… [read full post]