Tea Party gone mad

Drew Friedman’s illustration in The Nation
Drew Friedman's illustration in The Nation

It seemed inescapable that at some point someone would compare the Tea Party movement to Lewis Carroll’s famous tea party. Richard Kim’s article “The Mad Tea Party”, which will appear in the April 12th version of The Nation, never needs to mention Carroll or Alice, but it gave illustrator Drew Friedman cause for the inevitable image of Glenn Beck as the Hatter. It’s a good look for him.


3 thoughts on “Tea Party gone mad

  1. Does anyone have that issue of The Nation to see if that image has been cropped online? I was wondering if the print edition had a bigger picture – this one looks like we can only see the back of Alice’s hair, and she is foreheadbutting Mad Glenn.

  2. “Teabaggers”? Really? Shame on whoever posted this. The LCSNA appears to have the intention to limit it’s membership with those of a “Progressive” ideology (and vulgar, juvenile slant), whereas I was under the impression that anyone with an interest in all things Carrolian, politics notwithstanding, would be welcome here.

    I see no problem with pointing out the picture as it having to do with “A Mad Tea Party”, but I doubt such tolerance would be exhibited toward a cartoon depicting any sort of Left-Wing lunacy– as is the typical behavior from the “tolerance and diversity” crowd.

    Do yourselves a favor and don’t alienate people with your political bias. People of all walks of life admire Dodgson and his literary heroine, and this kind of stupidity does nothing to amplify the true purpose of the LCSNA.

  3. Note: the noun “teabaggers” has been changed from to “Tea Party movement” at the request of a reader. We apologize for any offense. If you don’t understand why, we suggest you not look it up.

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