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Twitter Interview with Stickfiguratively Speaking creator Jamison Odone

Your Far-Flung bloggers used Twitter to conduct an interview with Jamison Odone, who illustrated and retold Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with his stylish stick figure art. (Stickfiguratively Speaking is available for $14.95 from Publishing Works.) We reckoned that text messages to discuss Stick Figures vs. 3D was appropriately 2010. The full interview follows (I’ve tried… [read full post]


Announcing: Twitter Interview with AAIW Illustrator Jamison Odone, Monday at 18:00 GMT

A scene from Jamison Odone’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Please join the Far-Flung bloggers on Twitter tomorrow morning for a short interview in short format (140 characters) with Jamison Odone, who has recently issued an Alice’s Adventures  in Wonderland (Publishing Works, $14.95) illustrated and “retold” with stick figure drawings – the original text is intact, but he has added his own humor alongside in… [read full post]