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Announcing: Twitter Interview with AAIW Illustrator Jamison Odone, Monday at 18:00 GMT

A scene from Jamison Odone’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Please join the Far-Flung bloggers on Twitter tomorrow morning for a short interview in short format (140 characters) with Jamison Odone, who has recently issued an Alice’s Adventures  in Wonderland (Publishing Works, $14.95) illustrated and “retold” with stick figure drawings – the original text is intact, but he has added his own humor alongside in… [read full post]


Susan Sanford’s Dreaming Alice

Susan Sanford, an artist from Oakland, California, has a lovely book out called Dreaming Alice. Her humble biography: “The author has read many books and looked at many pictures, and now she has made her own little book of pictures.” To celebrate, Ms. Sanford has been putting up Alice images on her blog,, throughout… [read full post]


Study Visit to Guildford with the Lewis Carroll Society UK

Places are still available on the Lewis Carroll Society UK (LCS) study visit to Guildford. The four-day trip will take place 15-18 July, 2010. Members of the LCS and guests are invited to take part in this comprehensive study visit to Guildford in the South of England. The four-day event will include a mini-seminar with… [read full post]


Nursery curtains or crazy shirts? New Alice fabrics

“Playing Cards” from Windham Fabrics

Windham Fabrics have recently released a good complimentary set of cotton prints with patterns inspired by Tenniel’s illustrations for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The designs were created in collaboration with the Bridgeman Art Library and the Mary Evans Picture Library. Whether you are designing the nursery furnishings or want to make a really craaaazy shirt… [read full post]


Help Alice solve puzzles, wait tables in new computer games

Alice needs your help! The the type of help, however, varies from game to game. Help her fall down the rabbit hole! Help her avoid death by playing cards! Help her wait tables in a poorly-managed Wonderland cafe! These are some of the many choices available in recent games for your Mac, PC, or iPhone…. [read full post]


A few Carroll letters at the Rosenbach: “a very small portion of brain”

The website Letters of Note has two Lewis Carroll correspondences up today, both to Isabel Seymour in 1869. They are part of the Rosenbach Museum & Library’s collection in Philadelphia, where the Lewis Carroll Society of North America will be holding its spring meeting on April 24th, 2010. (There’s also an installation by Sue Johnson… [read full post]


“Algebra in Wonderland” in Sunday’s New York Times

Illustration from the Sunday New York Times by Sophia Martineck

I’m curious what members of the LCSNA think of this article on the Sunday New York Times Opinion Page, “Algebra in Wonderland” by Melanie Bayley. The author is a “doctoral candidate in English literature at Oxford University.” The article goes thru the various vignettes of AAiW explaining declaratively how each scene stands as a parody of the new… [read full post]


Disney Japanese Pocket Puzzle to enrage and delight

Japanese Pocket Puzzle from

And now for something completely different: drive yourself mad with a Disney-themed interlocking pocket puzzle, sold online at The puzzles are based on the classic mechanical games involving two interlocking pieces which must be separated – only this time you are offered motivation from the Magic Kingdom: help Alice navigate the Red Queen’s maze,… [read full post]


Criticizing the Critics, & futterwacking around the Alice Movie Paradox

[Warning! Spoiler alert! It was all a dream!] When Lewis Carroll published a few thousand copies of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in 1865, with no hype or buzz, it received some mixed reviews. That’s one of the few things Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland has in common with Carroll’s original stories. The critics were out… [read full post]