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Multidisciplinary discussion of the mathematical imaginary in L.A. this month

A science writer, a mathematician, and a professor of English walk into a library… no, it’s not an unpromising joke, it’s a very promising-sounding multidisciplinary event taking place in Los Angeles on February 22. As part of Visions and Voices: the University of Southern California Arts and Humanities Initiative, three very different intellects will be… [read full post]


Dodgson “perched in the middle” of the “two chunks” in the history of voting math

Lewis Carroll and the Liddell family made the July 26th 2010 issue of the New Yorker in reference to his work on election mathematics. Anthony Gottlieb, in his article in the book review department called “Win or Lose: No voting system is flawless. But some are less democratic than others”, gives Dodgson praise for considering… [read full post]


“Algebra in Wonderland” in Sunday’s New York Times

Illustration from the Sunday New York Times by Sophia Martineck

I’m curious what members of the LCSNA think of this article on the Sunday New York Times Opinion Page, “Algebra in Wonderland” by Melanie Bayley. The author is a “doctoral candidate in English literature at Oxford University.” The article goes thru the various vignettes of AAiW explaining declaratively how each scene stands as a parody of the new… [read full post]