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Remembering Martin Gardner

Martin Gardner

With great sadness we note the passing of Martin Gardner this past Saturday, May 22, 2010, in Norman, Oklahoma at the age of 95.  Martin Gardner was not only a founding member of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America but also, it is surely safe to say, the founder of serious Carroll studies through… [read full post]


Alice in Pittsburgh: Two photography exhibitions courtesy of the Silver Eye Center

The great puzzle, 2006, © Maggie Taylor

The Silver Eye Center for Photography in Pittsburgh, PA is currently offering a two-for-one deal on Wonderland-inspired photography exhibits. (Actually, both exhibitions are free and open to the public, which makes it an even better deal.) These Strange Adventures: The Art of Maggie Taylor May 14 – August 21, 2010. Admission Free. Silver Eye Center… [read full post]


Carroll Collectibles for Home and Garden

Time for our irregularly regular round-up of what’s new in the world of Carroll collectibles and Alice in Wonderland-themed garden gnomes. First up… Alice in Wonderland-themed garden gnomes! These may not be entirely new but we haven’t mentioned them here before. Alice, the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit are sold for around $60 each… [read full post]


LCSNA in the TLS!

LCSNA’s 2008 publication of Dr. Elizabeth Sewell’s scholarly study Lewis Carroll: Voices from France has been noted in the Times Literary Supplement of May 7, 2010. The review itself is mixed; the reviewer comments that the book has many fine aperçus and admires its close readings, but objects to some of the qualities that we… [read full post]


And now, a few more strange new books: Two Boer War romps and one odd book with just words of one syl-la-ble.

Michael Everson released six Carroll books in 2009 from his publishing company Evertype, starting with the Irish AAIW, Eachtraí Eilíse, and continues now with more new unique oddities. All this exciting activity is causing Mark Burstein to wax Borgesian about La biblioteca de Babel: Borges and others have spoken of a universal library; for our… [read full post]


Our Kind of People are Cardboard People

The Red Queen, sold by AG (Advanced Graphics)

Some light entertainment for your Sunday morning: Where would you put a life-size cut-out of Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen (yours for only $34.95 from AG)? I would like to think of her used to direct attention to a particularly important agenda item, or perhaps to direct traffic (to the left). I have to… [read full post]