Our Kind of People are Cardboard People

The Red Queen, sold by AG (Advanced Graphics)

The Red Queen, sold by AG (Advanced Graphics)

Some light entertainment for your Sunday morning: Where would you put a life-size cut-out of Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen (yours for only $34.95 from AG)? I would like to think of her used to direct attention to a particularly important agenda item, or perhaps to direct traffic (to the left).

I have to admit I am featuring this item mainly because the idea of the company made me giggle: AG, “Home of Cardboard People” is “the world’s largest manufacturer of cardboard standups.” Where “our kind of people are cardboard people.”

But fans of Disney’s 1951 Alice in Wonderland may like to ask why it is possible to purchase a three-foot-tall cut out of Dumbo, but no Alice and no Cheshire Cat? Who exactly is the target audience? Does the Dumbo fan club really wield more eccentric purchasing power than the fans of Alice? Say it isn’t so!


One thought on “Our Kind of People are Cardboard People

  1. With fantasy, as you should well know, it is important, if not imperative, that one approaches ‘different’ things with an open mind. I went into the site and personally, I think these things are fantastic!! Special events, birthdays, room decoration as in a child’s room or media room. I can see these being a blast in the right setting..! Lots of fun. Step out of the box.1

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