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LCSNA in the TLS!

LCSNA’s 2008 publication of Dr. Elizabeth Sewell’s scholarly study Lewis Carroll: Voices from France has been noted in the Times Literary Supplement of May 7, 2010. The review itself is mixed; the reviewer comments that the book has many fine aperçus and admires its close readings, but objects to some of the qualities that we… [read full post]


Alice Fashion in 2010

Fashion is a weak suit at Let “Universe” Be “Books”, but since Disney declared Alice is the New Black at a Las Vegas trade show back in September, Alice, and the prospect of tie-in merchandise, have been inspiring a number of fashion creations probably worth mentioning. The Los Angeles Times reviewed the playing field on… [read full post]


« Alice Still Alive » in its Thirteenth Incarnation

Every year since Lewis Carroll’s centennial in 1998, French artist Guy Jacqumin has asked other “Artistes Alicéens” to collaborate on an exhibition around an Alice-related theme, like 2004’s Alice à la Folie or 2003’s Alice dionysienne. If you’re near Paris in the next few weeks, stop by the Centre d’arts plastiques Albert Chanot, 33 rue… [read full post]