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Lewis Carroll: Voices From France by Elizabeth Sewell

LCSNA’s 2008 publication of Dr. Elizabeth Sewell’s scholarly study Lewis Carroll: Voices from France has been noted in the Times Literary Supplement of May 7, 2010. The review itself is mixed; the reviewer comments that the book has many fine aperçus and admires its close readings, but objects to some of the qualities that we most enjoyed, such as her “speculative flights” and “insouciance.” Also, Sewell was in her late seventies when she wrote this book, not nearly ninety, as he suggests.

If you would like to pit your critical wit against the TLS, you can purchase the book from this very website! Click on the link to “All Publications” in the top menu bar.


One thought on “LCSNA in the TLS!

  1. A well-written and cogent review, although I think the more old-fashioned style of Sewell’s criticism is a bit passé for the TLS.

    Sewell’s focus on “le neant” should not be underestimated, it’s a brilliant insight and it points us squarely at good ol’ Heidegger and his angsty ilk.

    I have no doubt that the LCSNA will be among the first to publish the results of such fruitful inquiries!

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