Carroll Collectibles for Home and Garden

From Victorian Trading Co.

Time for our irregularly regular round-up of what’s new in the world of Carroll collectibles and Alice in Wonderland-themed garden gnomes.

First up… Alice in Wonderland-themed garden gnomes! These may not be entirely new but we haven’t mentioned them here before. Alice, the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit are sold for around $60 each by the Victorian Trading Co.. However, to complete your Wonderland patio diorama you may need to turn to Old Durham Road, who also sell the Cheshire Cat and a toadstool.

From the Victorian Trading Co.

Other Alice items in the Victorian Trading Co. catalog, either available now or coming soon, include magnets, a blank journal, a pair of earrings and a pendant. The Tenniel-inspired pendant is quite fun – it is reversible and shows Alice before and after her drink and is accompanied by a small silver vial “for secret messages,” or prescription medications, perhaps.

From Old Durham Road

Back on the subject of garden furnishings, the company Old Durham Road is also selling a trio of stepping stones, each imprinted with the footprints and catchphrase of a Wonderland character. Choose from Alice, the Cheshire Cat and The March Hare (to whom they attribute the phrase “I’m Late, I’m Late.” Oops.)

From Classico

Next up, Classico is selling a range of magnets, postcards and mugs featuring an unusual series of Alice illustrations – unusual in that we can’t figure out who the artist was. Classico have so far not responded to our emails of inquiry. Can an LCSNA member out there shed any light?

Finally, from Dollmasters comes “The Alice @ The Tea Party Chess Set.” Each porcelain figure, we are told, is hand-painted, costumed, be-wigged and fully poseable. The catch is that there appear to be only 16 pieces and the board is “fixed in block arrangement for better display,” oh, and it’s $6,500.

"The Alice @ The Tea Party Chess Set" from Dollmasters

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