« Alice Still Alive » in its Thirteenth Incarnation

Every year since Lewis Carroll’s centennial in 1998, French artist Guy Jacqumin has asked other “Artistes Alicéens” to collaborate on an exhibition around an Alice-related theme, like 2004’s Alice à la Folie or 2003’s Alice dionysienne. If you’re near Paris in the next few weeks, stop by the Centre d’arts plastiques Albert Chanot, 33 rue Brissard, 92140 Clamart. Alice chez Albert et Lucie, the thirteenth Alice still alive, will show starting December 12th, 2009, thru January 3rd, 2010. Previous Alice still alives can be seen at www.alicestillalive.clan.st, which the British Lewis Carroll Society has kindly translated here. (Thanks to Mark Richards and Hugues Lebailly of the LCS for the tip.)


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