Free Samples from Dover Publications

Each week emails subscribers with a list of publication samples aimed at teachers. Last month’s offering included both the seasonal and the fashionable: at the bottom of the list was a selection of Christmas and Hanukkah origami projects, at the top were extracts from the Dover Thrift Edition of AAIW with Tenniel’s illustrations, two Alice coloring books, and a newly-released soft-cover edition of AAIW as illustrated by Willy Pogány in 1929. The latter is now available for purchase on their website.

Reading extracts of a coloring book is probably worse than reading a book with no pictures at all, but it could supply some rather nice clip art files for this year’s Christmas letter.


One thought on “Free Samples from Dover Publications

  1. I love those Pogany sketches. My question is whether I can stand to go on another email list to get those samples! Still, I have always loved Dover books and they consistently do a good job, so I may give it a go.

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