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Robbery-Homicide in Wonderland: CSI team to investigate

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Alice in Wonderland-themed weddings: a sweet idea or a fatal mistake? In an upcoming episode of CSI, the team are called to investigate a robbery-homicide at a Wonderland-themed wedding in Vegas. According to the trailer below, the Caterpillar conducts the ceremony, the White Rabbit wields some kind of semi-automatic weapon, andĀ investigator Russell gets to say… [read full post]


Pictures from a wedding in Wonderland

Wonderland Wedding 2

Alice in Wonderland is increasingly popular as a wedding theme on reality television and in life (one “credit crunch” bride has even described it as recession-defying). As ever, some couples go further than others. This week many blogs have been reposting these pictures of newlyweds Erin and Matt – a couple with a vision, to be sure…. [read full post]


Alice Fashion in 2010

Fashion is a weak suit at Let “Universe” Be “Books”, but since Disney declared Alice is the New Black at a Las Vegas trade show back in September, Alice, and the prospect of tie-in merchandise, have been inspiring a number of fashion creations probably worth mentioning. The Los Angeles Times reviewed the playing field on… [read full post]