Robbery-Homicide in Wonderland: CSI team to investigate

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Alice in Wonderland-themed weddings: a sweet idea or a fatal mistake?

In an upcoming episode of CSI, the team are called to investigate a robbery-homicide at a Wonderland-themed wedding in Vegas. According to the trailer below, the Caterpillar conducts the ceremony, the White Rabbit wields some kind of semi-automatic weapon, andĀ investigator Russell gets to say the line “curioser and curioser” in a vaguely appropriate context. This is clearly required viewing for Alice/violent crime fans everywhere.

My favorite entry in the press release’s guest cast list is Pedro Pascal who will play the Cheshire Cat and Paramedic #2.

The episode is called “Malice in Wonderland” (we’ve never heard that one before…) and will air on CBS next Wednesday, March 21.