Alice Art from Auchtermuchty, Scotland

Marie Louise Wrightson “The March Hare”

Paintings inspired by Alice from the brush of Scottish artist Marie Wrightson are currently on display at the Leith Gallery in Edinburgh. If popping over to Scotland this week isn’t in your schedule, you can see the artwork on the Leith Gallery website.

Wrightson, who is based in the town of Auchtermuchty, paints in oils on themes of childhood and fantasy.

Marie Louise Wrightson "The March Hare"
Marie Louise Wrightson "Alice's Mad Hatter"
Marie Louise Wrightson "Pool of Tears"

Wrightson’s paintings are part of a “Down the Rabbit Hole” month at the Leith Gallery. Other Wonderland-inspired art on display includes stained glass sculptures of Cheshire cats and mimsy borogroves by Emma Butler-Cole Aitken, jewelry by Pauline Eadie, and Wonderland bronzes from the Robert James Workshop. The latter were previously exhibited at the Hampton Court Flower Show, and are rumored to be at this year’s Philadelphia Flower Show. The exhibition will run until the end of this month.

Robert James Workshop
Emma Butler-Cole Aitken "Mimsey Borogove 1"