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Alice Art from Auchtermuchty, Scotland

Marie Louise Wrightson “The March Hare”

Paintings inspired by Alice from the brush of Scottish artist Marie Wrightson are currently on display at the Leith Gallery in Edinburgh. If popping over to Scotland this week isn’t in your schedule, you can see the artwork on the Leith Gallery website. Wrightson, who is based in the town of Auchtermuchty, paints in oils… [read full post]


Karen Mortillaro’s Bronze Sculptures & Anamorphia

A few weeks ago we blogged about the Arne Nixon Center’s Alice exhibitions currently on display in Fresno, California. One of the artists featured in the collection is Karen Mortillaro, who does amazing “anamorphic” bronze sculptures. What is anamorphosis, you might ask? Over the past thirteen years, Mortillaro has been exploring anamorphia. A concept taken from… [read full post]