Alice in Wonderland Illustrations by Kodomos, a chic Spanish artist

From the series "Alice in Wonderland" by Kodomos

Thanks to Adriana Peliano at the Sociedad Lewis Carroll do Brasil for alerting us to this Spanish artist who has a few eerie illustrations of Alice in Wonderland. The artist posts online using the name Kodomos, and also has similar imaginings of Tom Sawyer and The Little Prince.  Peliano writes on AliceNations, one of her excellent Lewis Carroll blogs:

The artist uses creative mark-making and layering to craft the dreamlike illustrations. In Kodomos’ world the White Rabbit is monstrously large, and shadowy landscapes reveal an even more surreal and nightmarish side of the fantasy story. These images are really special!

They actually reminded me, in a spooky way, of Barry Moser’s Dante illustrations. There seems to be only about five, plus some close-ups on the Cheshire Cat, but we’d love to see more.

From the series "Alice in Wonderland" by Kodomos