Scariest Alice/Palin yet by Martin Rowson

Martin Rowson

Cartoonist Marin Rowson, contributor to U.K. newspaper the Guardian, has drawn possibly the scariest Alice/Palin yet.  It appeared on Sunday, October 31 on the Guardian website under the heading “Martin Rowson on a tea-party at the US midterms.” This time we seem to have a Murdoch Mad Hatter stuffing an Obama Dormouse into the teapot while U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron peers out of his pocket – and that is definitely Glenn Beck in the high chair – but I can’t place the two-headed March Hare. Any guesses?

How many more tea-party cartoons can we expect? Check out our Political Cartoons page if you need a reminder of the ways Wonderland was co-opted into political parody in the pre-tea-party world.

Martin Rowson

One thought on “Scariest Alice/Palin yet by Martin Rowson

  1. The March Hare appears to be the Koch brothers, the billionaire Oil tycoon financiers of the tea party movement. Since when was there a highchair at the mad tea party?

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