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Your Monday morning Vocaloid musical

Monday morning off to a dull start? Transform it with this Vocaloid musical created by the Japanese artist known as Oster Project. The part of Alice (and possibly all the other parts as well – I’m shaky on the technology here) was “sung” by Hatsune Miku, a singing synthesizer application which was created using vocal samples… [read full post]


Scariest Alice/Palin yet by Martin Rowson

Martin Rowson

Cartoonist Marin Rowson, contributor to U.K. newspaper the Guardian, has drawn possibly the scariest Alice/Palin yet.  It appeared on Sunday, October 31 on the Guardian website under the heading “Martin Rowson on a tea-party at the US midterms.” This time we seem to have a Murdoch Mad Hatter stuffing an Obama Dormouse into the teapot… [read full post]


“Larry in Wonderland” & “Pearls in Wonderland” in the daily comics

Pearls Before Swine, a nationally syndicated comic strip which runs in more than 400 papers, had an Alice in Wonderland-inspired sequence at the end of October 2009. The decade-old cartoon is written & drawn by San Franciscan Stephen Pastis. (The internet home of Pearls Before Swine is at the United Feature Syndicate website here:,… [read full post]