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“In essence, I think I am, still, this child-self so like an American cousin of Lewis Carroll’s Alice.”

This essay by Joyce Carol Oates, “In the Absence of Mentors/Monsters: Notes on Writerly Influences,” was actually published in Narrative Magazine in Fall 2009, but it’s now available online at the Huffington Post. Read this whole essay here, and I’ve excerpted a few relevant passages: Early Influences. Often it’s said that the only influences that matter greatly… [read full post]


Free Downloads of Storypods Nonsense Contest Winners

Andrew Sellon, President of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America, has partnered with Oxford-based Storypods Audiobooks to provide free audio downloads of the two poems that won Storypod’s 2010 Nonsense competition.  Storypods launched the contest as a tribute to Lewis Carroll, and received many entertaining submisssions.  To listen to the winners and download the… [read full post]


Do feminists slay Jabberwocks?

Issue 48, Fall 2010, of Bitch Magazine, “The Make-Believe Issue,” includes “Alice in Adaptation-Land—How wanderer Alice became warrior Alice, and why.” In the well-written article, Kristina Aikens makes the interesting point that the Carroll’s curious Alice is more of a feminist icon than Burton’s Alice that puts on armor, kills the Jabberwock, and seeks to… [read full post]


New Pop-up: Il était une fois…

“Eat Me, Drink Me” by Benjamin LaCombe

Eight classical tales evoked by a double page with ingenious mechanism, in a magnificent book which associates technical exploit and artistic talent. Find the characters of the most famous tales: Alice, Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty , Blue Beard, Peter Pan, The Little Red Riding Hood, Mrs butterfly , Poucette staged by Benjamin Lacombe and in volume… [read full post]


Marilyn Manson’s Phantasmagoria disappears like a little ghost

Lily Cole & Marilyn Manson

Many Lewis Carroll lovers have been awaiting Marilyn Manson’s promised Dodgson movie with varying degrees of dread. The latest news, according to, is that the studio has shelved the project: Viewers were left shocked after disturbing clips from The Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll hit the internet, with the 22 year old [Lily… [read full post]


O Absalom, my caterpillar!

A writer named Steve A Wiggins (“part-time Academic” & “failed priest” according to his bio) wonders on his blog Sects & Violence in the Ancient World about screenwriter Linda Woolverton’s choice in naming the caterpillar the biblical name Absalom: Supposing this to be nothing more than the reassignment of a fated biblical name associated with… [read full post]


Other Carrollian Blogs

For all you Carrollian blog-happy readers, we’ve added a new page to the LCSNA site that brings together blog links listed in various other places of the site.  This way, if you’re a fan of following blogs (in addition to this one, of course!), you now have one stop shopping.  As always, please keep in… [read full post]


Theater Review: 11th Hour Ensemble’s Alice

There’s a new theater piece called Alice, premiering tonight at the Theatre of Yugen, 2840 Mariposa Street in San Francisco (running September 9th through 19th), directed and “imagined” by Allison Combs. As a work of “movement theatre,” it’s about 60% interpretive dance and 40% dialogue, easily juggling different genres of theater with different types of… [read full post]



SOUP! from Amos Mulder on Vimeo. A film about soup! canned soup in the leading role of a short allegory. 2010 Thanks to Lee Welsch (son of Sue & brother of James) for forwarding this to the LCSNA.


Alice in the Redwoods

Hiking with Atmos Theatre’s Theatre in the Woods

Atmos Theatre, a volunteer-run theater company in San Francisco, has adapted Alice in Wonderland for its ninth season of “Theatre in the Woods.” It’s been happening every Saturday & Sunday in August and through September 19th in Woodside, California (a few cities south of San Francisco.) “‘Alice in Wonderland’ is performed as part of a… [read full post]