Marilyn Manson’s Phantasmagoria disappears like a little ghost

Lily Cole & Marilyn Manson

Many Lewis Carroll lovers have been awaiting Marilyn Manson’s promised Dodgson movie with varying degrees of dread. The latest news, according to, is that the studio has shelved the project:

Viewers were left shocked after disturbing clips from The Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll hit the internet, with the 22 year old [Lily Cole] appearing as Alice [Liddell] in a story about the Alice In Wonderland author.

Studio bosses have since decided to shut down the entire project, which was directed by goth rocker Marilyn Manson and also stars Tilda Swinton.

A source tells Britain’s Mail on Sunday, “The trailer caused such a backlash that a decision was made to close down the project. It’s unlikely it will ever see the light of day.”

According to the publication, the film is now officially on ‘indefinite production hold’.

Of course, sometimes studio suppression can increase interest (remember Terry Gilliam’s Brazil?), especially with a famous director and juicy controversy – but, at least for the time being…. phew?


31 thoughts on “Marilyn Manson’s Phantasmagoria disappears like a little ghost

  1. Charles Dodgson was a brilliant and controversial man, hence Marilyn Manson’s interest. Dodgson was not perverse in his appreciation of young girls, their creativity and beauty. It is not infrequent that Dodgson is perceived thru a 21st century lens, where interest in young girls has shown itself to be perverse. This is Manson’s self-serving error. In order to draw a conclusion, one needs to research the life of Dodgson, his muse Alice Liddell, and the English victorian world in which they lived. As an author of one of the comprehensive books about Alice Liddell, including her lifelong relationship with Dodgson, I am convinced of the integrity of Dodgson’s intentions and work. Please feel free to probe this further with me at:

  2. I think this movie should really be made! I was interested in seeing the movie since 2004, now 6 years later it is said that the project was shut down because of what “some” people think, which is stupid. It probably is not acceptable that the movie is released in theater, but it should still be made to be sold on dvd, i will personally buy 10 copies. Marilyn Manson said that there will be a lot of things in this movie that will be illegal in the future because of subliminal messages and what not, which is very interesting, and it makes me want to see it even more. What is the point of freedom if you cannot express yourself in all aspects, like making movies, or music. I am a music writer, and always thought Manson was an amazing artists, even after all the weird shit he did. Please make this movie happen!! It will generate a lot of money, and it seems like thats all that America cares about, so let it happen!

    1. I agree! It looked fantastic, and I was so excited for it. They need to make it!!

  3. This Movie looks like it would be a true horror movie in a very artistic way, it has to be finished and released.

  4. Why would they do this i have been waiting for 6 years like some people and I was soooo looking forward to seeing this film

  5. It is ridiculous that this would be shelved especially after many years of anticipation. This, however is not the first time something like this has happened, nor will it be the last. People have the right to not want something but they can also not watch it either. Movies should not be shelved because of those not wanting it rather should be made for those who do want it. My wife and I were both waiting with baited breath for this to be release and now are both extremely disappointed. We have been disappointed in humanity for sometime and this really takes the cake.

  6. I thought the movie was…in a word…controversial. Charles Dodgson was not perverted, homosexual, or anything of the worst kind. He merely had a deep interest in the human mind, and body, particularly the female. Many misconceptions have been made, but are too absurd for anyone with any descent sense to believe.

  7. SHOCKED? Really? Nowadays we see PORN in every corner, in every website, in every politicians house. And people are shocked with this film. Come on dont joke, the only reason that the film will not see day light it’s because of Marilyn Manson being in the project. I confess i am not a Marilyn Manson fan, but i really despise the false puritanism of American people (e.g. An amercian rapes he’s daughter, but that’s allright, tomorrow he will confess his sins in church and god forgives him). They are really a very petty and hypocritical people.

  8. I have been a manson fan for awhile and I believe like others tht it should not be shut down. Dont let a bunch of judgemental, ignorant ppl make this movie not happen. I have been goin online constantly to see if it was goin to be released. I am sad to hear it wasnt. Although I do hope the ppl tht do support the movie will hopefully change your mind.

  9. I don’t know about the information of history of Lewis Carrol, but wasn’t there a time where he asked a child Alice’s parents to marry her when she was around 12 years old? I know girls were married off young, but even then, with the questionable photos and innuendos written about her in his stories its a wonder he never actually physically molested her…I think the movie would have been OK, had it not been for the bizarre sex scene between the sisters…other scenes looked rather decent.

  10. No, Charles Dodgson never asked any of the Liddell daughters to marry him, as far as we know. I recommend Jenny Woolf’s excellent biography The Mystery of Lewis Carroll, she discusses that question.

  11. i am a huge dodgson reader as well as a manson fan…im sure nude photos of children were excepted in victorian fact nude photography was their equivilant to our B.S. tv shows….weather his take on it is true or false, it should be finished and released simply because he has the right to make it!! looks pretty cool to me…

  12. I am really disappointed that it was shelved. I think there is more than we are being told. I have been waiting years also. I have always been interested in Lewis Carroll and have done alot of research on him. I think Manson has the right idea to probe into the deepest parts of Lewis Carrolls mind. How do we know what he was thinking? It is a possibility that he had alot of inner demons tormenting him. In fact, a big chunk of his writings and letters were destroyed by a family memeber. Why??? I guess there’s things we were not meant to know. That’s fine. Just like Michael Jackson I guess.
    Anyways, I’m all for artistic expression and if you don’t like it don’t watch. I just like to keep an open mind about things and check all the possibilities. It doesn’t mean I have to agree with it but I understand.
    As for Manson..very artistic and talented (even though I don’t get into the noir thing) but I have to give him credit this movie would be a nice breath of fresh air instead of the other lame movies we have to put up with from hollywood. I hope they at least releaase it to DVD!!

  13. This is hilarious. The author of the quote in this post claims people were shocked after seeing “disturbing” clips for a horror movie. Would these same people also be shocked to see funny clips for a comedy movie? Just tell us the real reason you want freedom to be suppressed. Don’t hide behind this fake outrage.

    Also, it seems like the only people on this site who are against the movie are trying to sell you something (a book). They want to sell you their own version, without letting you view someone else’s take on the subject. Would you buy a car from a dealer who wouldn’t let you look at any of the other cars on the lot? He just says “you’re buying this pink one here” and you agree.

  14. Thank you everyone for posting comments. I agree that it’s probably fake outrage, there’s plenty of controversial movies that get released. I suspect that the real reason it was not released was because it was bad. (Lewis Carroll aficionados, to speak generally, I think are mostly just relieved it disappeared because the movie propagates a certain insidious myth…. ) There’s plenty of better quality naughty Carroll-inspired stuff out there. I think Manson fans may have been just as disappointed as Carroll fans if the movie turned out to be a dud.

  15. I would like to see that movie. People say it’s too much well than watch Serbian movie it’s damn controversial. At least give us Phantasmagoria on DVD becouse there are people who can appriciate the true art. p.s. I am sorry if my senteces don’t make scence becouse word order or spelling. After all English is not my first language

  16. In all honesty, I thought it looked like absolute crap. I was a fan of Manson’s in my early teens, and I usually don’t critique people’s art works in such a way.. But in-your-face genetalia is hardly creative or interesting. In an age where we are bombarded with sexual themes, I thought he would be ‘above’ that and give us something to ignite our imaginations more. The trailer left no room for the viewer’s imagination. It’s really what you don’t see that is most exciting.. And this trailer missed the mark.

  17. The fact that this movie would be shelved but it is okay for the Hostel movies to be released is very much hypocritical. Manson of course loves to push the limits and shock people that is how he made his claim to fame. But the parents and christians and other “good decent people” that criticize him are just full of themselves. Anyways such a shame that art is getting to the point where people judge what is right and wrong for me. Gotta love america!

  18. i agree that phantasmagoria should be produced i mean i dont know if anyone has seen the human centipede but mansons movie didnt look any worse than that movie. manson is all about controversy so why does this movie have to be shut down it makes no sense it looks like an amazing movie, even if it is a porno which i dont think it is esepcially with todays standards. i am very sad to see that manson is letting this happen. where is the controversial antichrist superstar that we all know and love????

  19. THAT SUCKS, to employ my vision. I do hope that this movie will see “the light of day”.

  20. I heard that it was already made but never released. Also, that it couldn’t be released because it was too “Graphic” to be shown in theaters. But they should put it on DVD though. P.S, I bet they didn’t want it released because they don’t like manson.

  21. its been ten years now. i feel like we, the people are owed an official statement from manson himself to clear up what is going on with this project. just tell us either way!!! really upset i will never get to see this, bet it would have blown tim burtons piece of *beep* movie out the water!!! i always liked vrenna to elfman too! i think manson should gather what film he has, piece it together in the most coherent way possible, stick it on his website and charge a fiver to see it, boom, make some money back and let the fans get a taste of what could have been….

  22. IMO this movie was not made because of an obvious NC17, or X rating. The mainstream movie machines wont back a film with such ratings because there is not enough money to be made. If there was money in it we’d see a lot more NC17 rated movies in theaters. And no, they are not going to spend the money to just release a DVD. That makes even less sense.

    What the film makers should have done was to make it an independent film, and take the whole show overseas, like the movie “Antichrist”. It would have gotten better exposure, and would have made it to DVD, and cable/satellite TV. Antichrist was never even submitted for a MPAA because they knew it would never be a theatrical release in the US . Thats the only way these kind of movies get through to the world.

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