Seattle’s new oyster bar, The Walrus and the Carpenter

The picture above is from the website for Seattle’s new oyster bar opening in July, The Walrus and the Carpenter, “located at the South end of Seattle’s Historic Ballard Avenue in the newly renovated Kolstrand building” . They even included the full poem on their site! The blurb:

Award winning Chef Renee Erickson (Boat Street Café/Boat Street Pickles) has partnered with Business Manager Jeremy Price and Developer Chad Dale to realize her long time vision for an Oyster Bar. It makes perfect sense then, that she would do it in her own neighborhood.

Opening this July, The Walrus and the Carpenter blends the elegance of France  with the casual comfort of a local fishing pub. “The idea is to serve the highest quality food and drink in a space that is stripped of pretense …it should feel like home.”

The newly restored Kolstrand building on the south end of Ballard Ave, will be the perfect home for this rustic, light-filled, oyster haven. Plans for an outdoor space are also in the works. In addition to oysters, the menu will include locally harvested clams and mussels, house smoked fish, frites, and specialty meats. A full selection of wine, craft cocktails, and beer will also be available. And did we mention brunch? Brunch is served Sundays, 10am-2pm.

Ah, summer. Just in time.

I hope every dining experience will also include ruminations on innocence and death.


One thought on “Seattle’s new oyster bar, The Walrus and the Carpenter

  1. When I was in my teens friends and I would walk along the shores of Puget sound carrying a good knife, salt an pepper, and a lemon. We would scoop up am oyster, break it open, and season it before swallowing the lovely thing. The Walrus and the Carpenter was a poem i memorized of course; I think the only poem I memorized. I miss my homeland. Seattle is the only place in the US where a so named oyster bar would be fitting.

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