Katia Fiorentino’s Calendar

Katia is a talented artist, born in Italy and currently living in the U.K. Her Alice’s alphabet came out in 2014 as a limited edition of hand-screen-printed sets of illustrations, greeting cards, and a coloring book. Her work has been presented to the Lewis Carroll Society (UK) and exhibited at Alice Day in Oxford and Cambridge. She contributed to the donation of a sizable Carroll collection to the Story Museum in Oxford.

On a visit to California last year she was struck by the realization that the twelve chapters of Looking-Glass would make excellent inspirations for the twelve months of the year, and has crafted a gorgeous calendar for 2021. The images are black-and-white, surreal, dense, and the more you know about Looking-Glass the more you can see in them!

Calendars are £10 plus packing and postage and are available from her by email. At some point later this year the images will become available as single prints and stationery.