The Mystery of Edwin D.

No, this is not about the famed novel by the “other” 19th-century Charles D., but to announce the biography of Charles L. Dodgson’s youngest brother, Edwin. The illustrious Edward Wakeling, in collaboration with Caroline Luke, granddaughter of their brother Skeffington and co-executor of the C. L. Dodgson estate, has written The Life of Edwin Dodgson: Brother of Lewis Carroll and Missionary to the South Atlantic Islands (Choir Press, 2020). ISBN-13 : 978-1789631470. Support your local bookstore by ordering it through one of them!

It is described thusly:

This is the first biographical account in book form of the Rev. Edwin Heron Dodgson (1846-1918). Sources include the important family archive, from which much new information has been researched and incorporated.

After a short time working for the General Post Office in London, Edwin Dodgson became a missionary with the Society for the Propagation of the Gospels, and after a short spell in Zanzibar, spent much of his time on the remote islands in the Atlantic Ocean, principally Tristan da Cunha. During his time there, tragedy struck the island, wiping out most of the male inhabitants. Edwin, with help from his brother, set about organizing an evacuation of the island, which proved unsuccessful due to the reluctance of some of the remaining islanders.

This book is illustrated with material in the family archive and from the photographic work of Lewis Carroll.