Four New Illustrated Editions!

In addition to Nicole Claveloux’s fabulous Looking-Glass announced recently, we have for your viewing pleasure:

A new Russian translation of Wonderland by Oleg Gorbushin features illustrations by 13 contemporary Russian artists. You can see a short video about it here. The book is $41 and postage to the U.S. is $26. (A set of 53 stickers is an additional $4.) To order it, email Irina. (As of this writing, bank transfer is the only payment option, but she is working on establishing a PayPal account.)

Valeria Docampo, an artist born in Buenos Aires and now living in France, has produced a truly charming Wonderland, available in French (Alice Jeunesse, ISBN: 978-2874264399), Dutch (Eenhoorn, ISBN: 978-9462915275), and Italian (Terra, ISBN: 978-8861896475). A video of the book can be watched here. The French edition can be ordered through the Albertine bookshop.

French artist Aurélie Castex’s humorous and cartoon-like (in the best sense!) take on Wonderland is great fun. The oversize hardcover is full of playful cut-outs and other designs making for a magical adventure. A new translation, by Patrice Salsa, is another plus. You can view sample pages here. ISBN 978-2812303500.

A portfolio, limited edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with new illustrations by Alp Ozberker has been produced by George and Linda Cassady to support Carroll scholarship in connection with the Cassady Collection at USC. You can view the illustrations here. A folio book (105 unbound pages in an archival box) is $150; the art portfolio (24 pages in archival box, sans text) is $100. Email Linda.