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The Mystery of Edwin D.

No, this is not about the famed novel by the “other” 19th-century Charles D., but to announce the biography of Charles L. Dodgson’s youngest brother, Edwin. The illustrious Edward Wakeling, in collaboration with Caroline Luke, granddaughter of their brother Skeffington and co-executor of the C. L. Dodgson estate, has written The Life of Edwin Dodgson:… [read full post]


Four New Illustrated Editions!

In addition to Nicole Claveloux’s fabulous Looking-Glass announced recently, we have for your viewing pleasure: A new Russian translation of Wonderland by Oleg Gorbushin features illustrations by 13 contemporary Russian artists. You can see a short video about it here. The book is $41 and postage to the U.S. is $26. (A set of 53… [read full post]