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Alice Discovers Concrete (Poetry) in Wonderland!

The long-running TV game show “Jeopardy” features Carrolian “answers” on a regular basis.  Sadly, the three contestants often don’t know the appropriate “question” in response.  But on the May 29th episode, the Mouse’s Tale was used as an example of “this kind of poetry” and a contestant correctly responded “what is concrete?” Wikipedia also references… [read full post]


Alice and Believing in Medieval Unicorns

An Alice sighting in Unicorn-land from LCSNA member Stephanie Lovett: The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Cloisters Museum, home of the famous unicorn tapestries, has an exhibit running called Search for the Unicorn, which opens with the “If you believe in me, I’ll believe in you” quote from Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There.  The… [read full post]


The Bookman’s Tale by Charlie Lovett Available for Sale May 28th!

Today is publication day for this fascinating new novel from Charlie Lovett, former LCSNA President and wonderfully active LCSNA member: The Bookman’s Tale is a new novel from Viking Books by Charlie Lovett (former president of the LCSNA and author of several books on Lewis Carroll). Set in the world of rare books, the novel includes… [read full post]


A Wonderland-Themed Crossword Puzzle!

Here’s a treat for those of you who love to do a crossword with your tea or coffee on Sunday: Clever USC graduate student Andrew Woodham has won the 9th annual USC Libraries “Wonderland Award” by creating a crossword puzzle with an Alice in Wonderland theme.  To read about the contest, and download a PDF of… [read full post]


Not a Bit!

Image copyright by Kris Temmerman

A high-resolution bitmap artwork containing the entire text of Wonderland in the shape of Alice herself can be found here. The text is broken down into words whose frequency determines their size in the finished image. Add a bit of artistic creativity, and voila!  Mad hats off to creative developer Kris Temmerman, who created this… [read full post]


Long Island Ballet Theatre Presents Alice in Wonderland

Thanks to Lambert Liu for responding to my plea for blog items from all you Mimsy Minions!  He found a flyer for a ballet performance at his local Huntington, Long Island, NY bookstore: “Long Island Ballet Theatre presents an original ballet adventure choreographed by former NYC Ballet dancer & world acclaimed by choreographer Christopher Fleming…. [read full post]


Lewis Carroll Phillustrated

Roger Allen, a long-time member of the LCS(UK), has produced a very amusing booklet, Lewis Carroll Phillustrated, of 42 pages measuring 8 x 11¾ inches and beautifully illustrated in color “focusing on Carroll’s connections with the post office and postage stamps.” The pamphlet consists “of most of the characters and scenes in the Alices and… [read full post]


Illustrating Alice

Alice, Copyright by Alain Gauthier

This just in from LCSNA President Mark Burstein: A gorgeous fine press book from Artists’ Choice Editions in London makes good on its promise of “an international survey of illustrated editions,” with over 400 pictures from the works. Unlike other books on the subject that tend to only print pictures in public domain, this one… [read full post]