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Illustrating Alice

Alice, Copyright by Alain Gauthier

This just in from LCSNA President Mark Burstein: A gorgeous fine press book from Artists’ Choice Editions in London makes good on its promise of “an international survey of illustrated editions,” with over 400 pictures from the works. Unlike other books on the subject that tend to only print pictures in public domain, this one… [read full post]


Barry Moser Returns to Wonderland

Barry Moser “Humpty Dumpty on Wall”

Thirty years after Barry Moser first published his engravings of a sinister and darkly comic Wonderland, R. Michelson Galleries in Northampton, MA, is hosting an exhibition of the original engravings, preliminary sketches and, most intriguingly, brand new works by Moser on the theme. Many of the works on display, including new drawings like the devilish… [read full post]