Barry Moser Returns to Wonderland

Barry Moser “Humpty Dumpty on Wall”

Thirty years after Barry Moser first published his engravings of a sinister and darkly comic Wonderland, R. Michelson Galleries in Northampton, MA, is hosting an exhibition of the original engravings, preliminary sketches and, most intriguingly, brand new works by Moser on the theme. Many of the works on display, including new drawings like the devilish Cheshire Cat below, can be see on the R. Michelson Galleries website, although you will have to contact the gallery directly if you would like to know the prices. The exhibition is open to the public and runs until December 15.

In a recent interview, Mr. Moser expressed his own (rather conflicted) excitement about the exhibition:

In some ways, it’s like seeing my dirty underwear hung up on the walls because it’s such old work and I rarely ever revisit my work once it’s done. So to see it up again is a little bit of a surprise.

But the thing I like about this particular installation is what Paul (Gulla) did. He pulled up a lot of stuff I had completely forgotten about. I think the kind of work that went into this (installation) makes it interesting and exciting—even for me who never gets too excited about his own work.

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Barry Moser, "Cheshire Cat Disappearing" (2012)
Barry Moser, “Cheshire Cat Disappearing” (2012)