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Secret supper club leads diners down the rabbit hole

Tenniel's Leg of Mutton

Secret supper clubs are all the rage, so we’ve heard (we’ve never found one). Right now, somewhere in Vancouver, the Swallow Tail Supper Club is entertaining diners with fine food, cocktails, and live entertainment on a Wonderland theme. Local blogger Ariane Colenbrander seems to be in on the secret: The evening starts at the outskirts of a… [read full post]


What Middletown Read: Very Little Lewis Carroll

…So when I learned about What Middletown Read, a database that tracks the borrowing records of the Muncie Public Library between 1891 and 1902, I had some of the same feelings physicists probably have when new subatomic particles show up in their cloud chambers. Could you see how many times a particular book had been… [read full post]


Alice’s great-grandson writes for Huffington Post

Hugh St. Clair fabric
George Smith Chair with Hugh St. Clair Fabric

Hugh St. Clair: interior designer, creative consultant, columnist for the Lady Magazine—and great-grandson of Alice Liddell. An article by Hugh appeared yesterday on the Huffington Post: What Was the Real Alice in Wonderland Like? Her Great-Grandson is Fascinated. The short article contains no shocking revelations from the family vault, (except, perhaps, his admission, “As a… [read full post]


Video interview with Tate Liverpool curator

Rounding off our coverage of the Tate Liverpool’s Alice in Wonderland exhibition, here’s a video interview with co-curator Christop Schulz that gives some tantalizing glimpses of the artwork on display. Yesterday, chief art critic at the UK Telegraph newspaper, Richard Dorment, gave the exhibition a three star review (“by no means all the work in the… [read full post]


Catalog for Tate Liverpool Alice exhibition looks great

Alice in Wonderland Tate Catalog
Tate Publishing, 2011

The catalog for the Tate Liverpool’s Alice in Wonderland exhibition is now for sale on the Tate’s website. Edited by Gavin Delahunty, head of exhibitions and displays at Tate Liverpool, and Christoph Schulz, curator of the exhibition, it reproduces the art of the exhibition in 120 color illustrations. Also included are critical essays by Dame Gillian… [read full post]


Raven Gregory writes a prequel to “Return to Wonderland” called “Alice in Wonderland”

Art from CBR: “‘Alice in Wonderland’ will fill readers in on what happened to Alice Liddle [sic] since she last appeared in a Zenescop Wonderland book”

Graphic novelist Raven Gregory has now written several installments in the Wonderland universe, beginning with Return to Wonderland (2007) and followed by various Tales and Escapes. The original Return to Wonderland followed Alice Liddell’s granddaughter Calie, but according to Comic Book Resources, “the fate of Wonderland’s original protagonist has been remained untold, until now.” So… [read full post]


Thought-provoking article in Prospect Magazine by Richard Jenkyns

Prof. Richard Jenkyns
Prof. Richard Jenkyns

Issue 187 of Prospect Magazine contains a good article on the influence of the Alice books written by Richard Jenkyns, professor of Classics at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford. The article is free to read on Prospect’s website. Jenkyns makes several interesting points that may get LCSNA members thinking and, perhaps, arguing. Here are some extracts:… [read full post]


Celebrating Looking-Glass Day in Puerto Rico

Disney plush dolls I used for the story

In celebration of Looking-Glass Day, we have a heart-warming report from guest blogger and LCSNA member Emily Aguilo-Perez in Puerto Rico. Today, Friday November 4, 2011 I celebrated Looking-Glass Day with my elementary school students. Now, I am not sure if Looking-Glass Day is an “official Carrollian” holiday, but I like to find any reason… [read full post]


New book about Tony Sarg and a video of his “mechanical book”

Melissa Sweet "Balloons Over Broadway"

There is a new children’s book about Tony Sarg, master puppeteer and inventor of the first balloons for New York’s Macy Day Parade. Sarg was also the creator of Tony Sarg’s Treasure Book – an early “mechanical book” with sliding illustrations and removable pieces. The Alice in Wonderland chapter, demonstrated in the video below, is… [read full post]